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About The Artists


Rose and Michael are self-taught potters that built upon technical input from close friends that were experienced potters, along with books and videos.  They built their studio with multiple work spaces for throwing; hand building; sculpting; glazing; and firing.

They have experienced selling their work through weekend art shows, retail stores in Kansas and Missouri, and once through their website.  They have also enjoyed individual and combined shows of their work in various galleries.

Most of all, pottery is that wonderful escape from the past technical world of business hardware and software.  There is a great sense of wonder and blessing in God's blessing by taking raw clay and sculpting works with such beauty!

Also sharing their knowledge of pottery with others has a reward beyond explanation . . . that look when a new artist successfully makes their first piece!  Now that is priceless!

We are moving forward in hand-in-hand with each other thanking God for his love, his inspired word, and his blessings. God does bless America, but each person in America needs to look into their heart and ask themselves if they are being obiedent and repenting for their sins so they can receive his blessings or do they continue to be of this world in sin, just living their live awaiting their judgement? 

Rose & Michael

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