Artist Statement

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Artist Statement


Natural Potters Pottery Studio was opened in 1998 as Rose & Michael began teaching themselves the art of ceramics.  Goals were set which resulted in the purchasing of a potter's wheel, slab roller and kiln to act as creative tools and training aids.   Efrain Novelo, a dear friend from Chula Vista, California, provided their earliest artistic influence in ceramics.  During 1998 and 1999 they developed the basic knowledge of wedging, centering, throwing, hand building and kiln firing.

Beginning in 2000, glaze formulation and firing techniques were embraced and expanded to detailed glaze testing.  With the help of their clay supplier and friend Dick Rahn their kiln firing was brought to a true science through the installation of a computerized kiln controller.

2001 found Rose and Michael coming of age with their first gallery show at the O'Fallon, Missouri Cultural Arts Center in May, the placement of studio work in the Moniteau Traders in Jamestown, Missouri in September, along with staring in a 30 minute "Intro To Ceramics" video that was created when the City of O'Fallon, Missouri brought their camera equipment to the Natural Potters studio.  This video has been played several times on the local O'Fallon cable channel as an "Intro to Pottery."

2002 brought more insight by their dear friend Marvel Bartlett, an outstanding artist, photographer, and potter from St. Louis, and attendance to the annual NCECA conference in Kansas City.

An Honorable Mention Award was presented to Michael for a functional ceramics entry at the January 2002 Oak Leaf Artist Guild competition, but the truth be known, Michael threw the vessel and Rose glazed the winning piece!

Rose and Michael have opened their studio for private lessons for all aspects of ceramics and have received great response.  On 20 April 2002, they were also featured at a "Meet The Artists" pottery demonstration at the Moniteau Traders Gallery in Jamestown, Missouri.

In June 2002, Rose and Michael were featured artists at the St. Peters Community and Art Center gallery show.  In August 2002, they joined Art Dimensions of St. Louis for a short time, and placed work at various galleries.

2003 started off with even more growth for Rose and Michael.  Rose expanded her designs to include carving and piercing various bowls, center pieces and vases. Michael continued teaching new artists the skill of throwing on the wheel!  

2004 brought a major change to their pottery webpage.  The Natural Potters opened a new site with a shopping cart service allowing purchases to be accomplished using credit cards. 

2005 - 2007 continued with more students attending the one-on-one ceramics classes provided at the Natural Potters studio.  The students obtained the total skills required to accomplish all aspects of studio work, and their finished work provides that proof!

2008 began anew as they moved to a new webhost. Rose continues to reinvent herself with outstanding detail in her hand building and Michael continues to teach new students, sometimes even "two at a time!"

2009 appeared to be a year of healing and planning!  Loving God, family, and our friends and looked forward to the time we reopon our studio giving God the Glory.

2010 our new studio, Natural Potters at Bee Creek Studio is now located in Hollister, Missouri.  We've been blessed with 70 acres with all of God's creatures running around outside!  We have stopped selling our pottery and are working with Women's Shelters and desire to contacted by Disabled Children Centers to share in the blessings we have received from God. 

Forty years of marriage & technical work has dominated the use of their left brain but luckily in 1997, during a year long stay in California, their right brain cried out for release - and the rest of the story is still being created! Now living each day in obiedenace to God to the best of their ability, they are so very thankful for his blessings and his promises.  The hope of Eternal Life is our promise by being faithful New Testament Christians and growing and living in his word each day to the best of their ability.

God Bless